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Self care

Updated: May 3, 2020

Self-care refers to activities undertaken with the intention of enhancing energy,

restoring health and reducing stress. Although it's a simple concept it's something we

very often overlook. We put ourselves last and this can lead to exhaustion and

operating in a mental fog. Then we are no good to anyone, right?!! How do we care

for others if we can’t look after ourself?

“you can not serve from an empty vessel” ~ Eleanor Brownn

How do we look at putting self-care into place and maintaining it?

1. Write a list and keep it in a place where you can see it every day.

Keeping it visible will help you to think about and commit to the plan.

You can also share it so someone can support you.

2. Stick to your plan and practice the activities regularly. Just like an

athlete doesn’t become fit by merely ‘thinking’ about fitness, you can’t

expect to perform effectively without putting into practice a holistic plan

for your wellbeing.

3. Re-assess how you are going at the end of one month and then three

months. Plans can take over a month to become habits, so check-in

and be realistic about your own self-care.

Let’s look at some suggestions that you might enjoy, start making your list:

● Develop a regular sleep routine

● Aim for a healthy diet

● Go for a walk

● Enjoy a bath

● Read a book

● Mini declutter - perhaps your wardrobe

● Cleanse your social media feeds, unfollow the negative people

● Dance around the house

● Use essential oils

● Have a DIY facial

● Sing, or listen to your favourite playlist

● Keep a journal

● Have a hobby

● Make time for relaxation

● Make time to engage with positive friends and family, even if it’s from a

distance at the moment (zoom, messenger, face time)

● Write 3 good things that you are grateful for

● Watch a movie

● Online shopping spree

● Art/craft project

● Colour-in or paint

● Gardening

● Talk to your friend about how you are coping with work and life demands

● Meditation

● Get into nature - for now a walk on your grass barefoot

● Light a candle

● Buy yourself flowers

● Do a yoga workout on you tube

● Do some baking

● Say NO

● Have a cup of tea

AND then there’s my favourite - a good laugh!! Seriously, it does wonders for your


The best way to approach self-care is to think about and choose activities that are

meaningful to you, your goals and support your wellbeing. Hop to it!!

Leesa Watt- Life coach

🌏Leesa's mission is to help empathic anxious women and children to succeed and show up in their life.

Her book is available here and some other great resources like the FREE Anxiety TOOLBOX 👀🙌

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