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Advocate like a ...... Tshirts!! Male sizing

Advocate like a ...... Tshirts!! Male sizing

As soon as your child takes their first breathe you are their world, their voice, their everything and most of al their greatest advocate. A bond like no other.

These tshirts say it all really!!

We also meet some other amazing advocates along the way, especially if you are on a journey that less people travel.

These tshirts camevery customised to say-

Advocate like a .....therapist, teacher, Nana, auntie, brother, sister, midwife, coach, grandad, uncle, nurse, doctor....just to name a few. Your choice!!

The symbol on the sleeve represents the three sets of chromosomes people with Down Syndrome have. The arrows also represent rising up and moving forward.

You can choose whether you would like this symbol or not.

From every pre order sold I will be donating $5 from each tshirt to your chosen regional Down Syndrome association!! Please choose from the drop down box.

**Kid and youth sizes and prizes are available with this print. Head to the kids tshirts and select from the drop down box.

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