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Aroma Flask gift set

Aroma Flask gift set

The Aroma Flask is an ideal gift for those who want a little piece of New Zealand nature and a beautiful, natural scent alternative. 

Gift set includes....
Aroma Flask-
Your choice from 6 beautiful designs.

Hand-turned in New Zealand using salvaged Rimu and finished with delicate detail.

Simply remove the wooden stopper and fill with 12-15 drops of your favourite essential oil. The oil is then dispersed by the diffusive properties of native Rimu and will scent the small area of your choosing.

Aroma Flasks are perfect for scenting spaces such as cars, closets, bags and small office spaces. 

Into the Flax Essential Oils, choose from one of the following-

Lavender Grosso, often referred to as Lavandin - 10ml

Add 12-15 drops of your Lavender Essential Oil into your Into The Flax Aroma Flask. 

Essential oils are not only a beautiful, claiming aroma, they also harness many health benefits. Being 100% natural, and having many versatile uses, Lavender is a household staple. 

Lavender Essential Oil Health benefits: 
-Calming and relieves anxious emotions 
-Soothes skin irritations 
-Promotes peaceful and relaxing sleep

Into The Flax Peppermint Oil - 10ml

Add 12-15 drops of your Peppermint Essential Oil into your Into The Flax Aroma Flask. 

Essential oils are not only a beautiful, energising aroma, they also harness many health benefits. Peppermint Oil is 100% natural and a great addition to keep you energised throughout your day. 

Peppermint Essential Oil Health benefits: 
-Promotes energy and attention 
-Elevates mood, including anxiety and depression symptoms  
-Repels bugs

Beautifully packaged including a small bunch of dried lavendar.
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