Breastfeeding Basics.

Breastfeeding Basics.

The perfect little giftbox for a new breastfeeding mum, baby shower gift or for yourself if you're breastfeeding. These were 2 of my favourite products through all 3 of my breastfeeding journeys.


Gift box includes-


*Reusable Breast/Nursing Pads4 pairs + wash bag.

These gorgeous little pads by Love Buns have 4 layers: - First a lovely soft Microfleece to draw moisture away from the skin to the absorbent part of the breast pad, and because it does not hold moisture, it feels dry, keeping your skin dry. - Second we have a SUPER thirsty Bamboo fleece. - Third is the PUL "PolyUrethane Laminate" (waterproof) layer to stop any soaking through :) - Lastly and most importantly, your fabric choice on top to make the pretty :)


*Breastfeeding Tea-

Help boost your milk supply while staying hydrated at the same time.

Love Tea has carefully selected this blend of organic herbs, to help maintain healthy breast milk supply. Fennel, fenugreek and caraway seeds offer therapeutic qualities that have traditionally been used to support healthy lactation and ease digestion for both mother and baby. This gentle and soothing blend offers subtle hints of lemon and fennel, softly balanced with the sweet tones of aniseed.-please note there are no dried flowers in this giftbox.

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