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Brush friends and Bath fun box.

Brush friends and Bath fun box.

The hassle of birthday shopping taken away for you. These Wet Brush Plush brushes are a hit with the kids and what kid doesn't love a bubble bath!!

Giftbox includes.......

•Wet Brush Plush Brush Kids Detangling Brush-

Brush Time is Now Fun Time

Meet Mae the Bunny, Becca the Butterfly, Raya the Elephant, Lyla the Llama, Tootsie the Owl and Neve the Penguin. They are as cute as can be. They want you to know that a head full of tangles is nothing for them! WetBrush Plush Brush Detangling Hair Brush is the kid-sized detangling brush with detachable plush toy, specially designed for detangling fun.


*The kid-sized detangling brush with detachable plush toy.

*Kids cant resist these cuties.

*Ergonomic grip which is easy for a child to hold.

*Exclusive, ultra-soft IntelliFlex bristles glide through tangles with ease.

*Minimises pain and protects against split ends and breakage.

*Brushes with less force for less damage

*Machine washable

*Works wonders on all hair types.

•Bubble bath bar-

Another amazing product by Miablle, Family-friendly bubble bath bars. Another zero-waste product these awesome bubble bars give you a bottle-free option to use for your bubble baths.

Scent choices-

☆Happy Days - apple

☆Summer Fun - pineapple mango

☆Coconut orange

A generous 135 grams approximately.

Directions: Simply break off a portion of the bubble bar and crumble under the tap to create those bubbles while filling up the bath, or crumble in the water after filling the bath. Swish around with your hands if needed. For a kids' size bath, you need about 1/4 of the bar. For an adult-sized full bath, you will need about half the bar, but completely up to you how much bubbles you would like for your bubble bath session!

Bubble bar ingredients:

Ingredients:Sodium cocoyl isethionate (derived from coconut oil), sodium bicarbonate, *tapioca starch, lauryl glucoside (derived from coconut oil), *glycerin (palm-oil free), fragrance (from essential oil blends), dried calendula flowers, mineral mica powder. *certified organic

Your choice of...

♡Rainbow coloured metal free hair ties or

♡Lucky dip set of Boxylox snap clips or

♡Lucky dip selection of chocolate treats.

$3 from each set sold goes to Waterloo School.

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