DIY Beeswax wraps box

DIY Beeswax wraps box

This box is perfect for anyone that loves a bit of DIY and are eco concious.  Especially great for an activity to do with the kids. They can use the box afterwards to decorate and keep all their little treasures.
Give back to the bees by planting some Wild flower seeds.

This  beeswax block is enough to make our set of 3 sizes, a small, medium and large. There is also some spare pieces of fabric added just incase.

Box includes.....

*Large Lilybee wax brick
*Wooden paint brush
*Ready cut cotton fabric
*J. Friend and Co Bee Friendly Wildflower Seeds-
Honeybees contribute to over one third of our global food supply through pollination, J.Friend and Co's selection of bee attracting wildflower seeds provides bees with a wide variety of pollen and nectar sources resulting in happy healthy bees! Best sown during spring and early summer.

Bee friendly wildflower seeds for the garden.

Please note, if you spot a fabric you would like please let me know.
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