Festive Grazing.

Festive Grazing.

Making Christmas meal planning easy. A marriage of flavours that will not disappoint.  All you need is to add your extras cheese, fruit, meats, drinks and enjoy.

Gift box includes.....

•The Shearer, Wild thyme Onion Jam
The Wild thyme is hand picked in Bannockburn, Cromwell. The bleded with balsamic onions and spice to create this versiltile preserve. Add a dollop on your BBQ steak, in your meat jus, added to a cheesy toastie sandwhich.
Its a crowd pleaser and pantry staple.

•The Fisherman, Bread & Butter pickle
The Fisherman, Bread & Butter pickle is handmade with courgettes, cucumber, fennel, chilli and pickling spice. Its a great Summer crunch on sharp cheddar cheese cracker, Smoked salmon salads and added to a cheese melt. Its light, A great alternative to sweet chutneys and adds dimension to a platter. 

•Love Local NZ Oat Crackers – Gisborne Macadamia-
A unique New Zealand flavour fantastic as a snack, with dip or topped with your favourite soft cheese.

•Gourmet Wafers – Garlic & Olive Oil
Experience flavours of the Mediterranean in a delicious, light wafer providing a sensational taste experience with every bite.

•Crunchy n' Cheesy Savoury Bites-
Perfect for entertaining or everyday snacking. Packing plenty of flavour of 35% NZ tasty cheddar and a hint of cayenne pepper, these are definite crowd pleasers. Baked with NZ butter.

•Vipers Bugloss
Vipers Bugloss is a pale coloured honey with a distinctive bluish tinge. It is sweet and delicate with a floral bouquet and is suitable for a wide variety of culinary applications.

•Pine honey dipper.

•Dried Gold Kiwifruit paired with dark chocolate-
At Little Beauties they air dry the sliced kiwis, sealing in the luscious, sweet taste. Paired with dark chocolate, these Little Beauties make a wicked afternoon snack for the whole family. They also make stunning additions to cereals, baking and dessert or cheese platters. 

•White Chocolate Dipped Gingerbread Christmas Trees-
A festive staple of Molly Woppy’s iconic gingerbread dipped in the creamiest of white chocolate. 

•Whittakers Chocolate Artisan Collection, Buttermilk Caramel Gingerbread-
Crunchy, spiced gingerbread biscuit pieces in caramelised white chocolate with the creamy richness of buttermilk produced in lush west coast pastures.

•Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Bonbons-
Six delicious Hauraki Salted caramel bon bons.

•Chocolate Christmas Tree-
Cute Christmas trees made by Devonport chocolates. Gourmet quality chocolate and hand foiled in Christmas colours. 
Milk chocolate and Dark chocolate.

All carefully packaged in our luxury magnetic close gift box with a white spotted red jute ribbon.
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