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Long sleeve tshirt

Long sleeve tshirt


I especially love this long sleeve option!! I have seen so many awesome Down Syndrome tattoos around but not being one wanting to commit to that I have added a "sleeve tattoo" option!! Cool right!!

**please be careful with colour selection. Male and female colour options are different please check out pictures then make selection.

As soon as your child takes their first breathe you are their world, their voice, their everything and most of al their greatest advocate. A bond like no other.

When we had our son Liam we got a suprise that he might have Down Syndrome. Day 2 earth side we had this confirmed. At this moment we had no idea what life was going to be like and how amainzing our new path was going to be. From the very start I have never had to advocate for someone so much in my life.

Reaching out to other parents in New Zealand via social media and introducing our new addition was one of the best things we did in those first few days. The support and comfort each parent brought me I don't think I can ever thank them enough.

Joining our regional Down Syndrome association has been so great, so great I soon joined the committee. I have always loved fundraising and now I have an amazing community I can do this for. I love the connections we all get to make, learning from each other, having regular events, educational and fun.

Being able to meet new parents and baby is the best part. Being able to provide them some of that comfort and support like so many other parents gave me.

I have always loved creating things, giving back and spreading awareness so I now bring you the Boxylox Down Syndrome awareness range!!

From every pre order sold I will be donating $5 from each tshirt to your chosen regional Down Syndrome association!! Please choose from the drop down box.

**Please note colours may vary from screen to real life.

This item will be printed to order.

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