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Love and Serenity

Love and Serenity

•Clay gossip earrings- 
Stunning Serenity dangle earrings made by the talented Clay gossip 

•Shower steamer- Miabelles range of shower steamers will have you in shower heaven!! 

Choose from 4 different blends: 
1. Revive - a beautiful invigorating blend of bergamot and mint. 
2. Beloved - a warm, floral, sweet blend of vanilla, jasmine and sandalwood. (This is our own blend and is one of our top selling fragrances in our shampoo bars.) 
3. Balance - you will feel grounded and in the present moment with our frankincense shower steamer. 
4. Clarity - an uplifting blend of eucalyptus and mint, to clear the airways and senses. Lasts for approximately 10 minutes. 

• Solid lotion bar-
 This delicious spa-inspired Naked solid lotion/body butter bar by miabelle• has organic properties that calm eczema and dry or inflamed skin and are filled with healing natural Vitamin E. Hydrating properties of Shea Butter and oxidant-rich cocoa and mango butter. Your skin will thank you!! Plus no plastic packaging to worry about which is better for our environment. Sample size, perfect for travel, for the hospital bag, nappy bag or hand bag.

•Milk chocolate heart

•Flower shaped iced gingerbread biscuit

**Each mothers day gift box comes with a complimentary mum card that your message can be written on the back.
**card can be changed to anything....bestfriend, Nana, Auntie, other mum or an affirmation card for yourself💓

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