New Mum and Bubs Blush box.

New Mum and Bubs Blush box.

Send a breastfeeding mama some treats she deserves in this very special time in her life. With a small gift for bubs.


Gift box includes......


*Reusable Breast/Nursing Pads These gorgeous little pads by Love Buns have 4 layers:  - First a lovely soft Microfleece to draw moisture away from the skin to the absorbent part of the breast pad, and because it does not hold moisture, it feels dry, keeping your skin dry.  - Second we have a SUPER thirsty Bamboo fleece.  - Third is the PUL "PolyUrethane Laminate" (waterproof) layer to stop any soaking through :)  - Lastly and most importantly, your fabric choice on top to make the pretty :)

*Breastfeeding Tea + Stainless steel strainer- Help boost your milk supply while staying hydrated at the same time. Love Tea has carefully selected this blend of organic herbs, to help maintain healthy breast milk supply. Fennel, fenugreek and caraway seeds offer therapeutic qualities that have traditionally been used to support healthy lactation and ease digestion for both mother and baby. This gentle and soothing blend offers subtle hints of lemon and fennel, softly balanced with the sweet tones of aniseed.



A mini cut glass votive candle. This will add a touch of class to your festive table, bedside table or any corner or room in your home. It’s the perfect little stylish gift for your favorite people, providing up to 20 hours burning pleasure. *fragrance selection noted further below.


*Magnesium Oil Body Lotion-

Is a rich and hydrating lotion perfect all year round!  A little bit goes a long way with its body butter like consistency. Apply before bedtime after a shower or bath and let it work its magic. Rub into the soles of your feet, on your legs and body. Applying magnesium to the skin is one of the best ways of absorbing this very important mineral in to your system.

Benefits include....

-relief from headaches

-better sleep

-relaxing tense muscles and much more.


*Mia Belle Lip balm-

Apply as often as needed to keep lips soft, hydrated and protected. 


*Muslin Bunny Comforter- in rose colouring.

These gorgeous Burrow and Be Bunny Comforters are tactile and soft.  Made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton muslin and fabric, with the head filled with Organic Kapok.  

This comforter can be so helpful for babies and children that like to self sooth by touching fabric or rubbing fabric against their face. They are the perfect size for little hands. Easy to clean and quick to dry!!


*Wellington chocolate factory chocolate-

RASPBERRY MILK CHOCOLATE BAR 48% Cacao. A wonderfully tart milk chocolate bar! *Solid Milk Chocolate Heart- Devonport chocolates make only the finest quality chocolates. Melt in the mouth silky milk chocolate.




• Gardenia & Sweet Pea- Traditionally a wedding flower, sweet pea reaches new levels of romanticism with a sophisticated blend of gardenia, bergamot and jasmine. The base notes of winter melon, anise and mimosa linger irresistibly in the background.


• White Tea and Ginger- Relax with the warm soothing notes of ginger, nutmeg and musk. Peony and hyacinth add a subtle component to the top notes of lemon, bergamot and lily creating a subtle, captivating fragrance.


•Mulled Wine- Infuse rich seasonal spice with this full bodied seasonal blend of lush orange, warm clove and cinnamon leaf. Notes of berries and a dash of vanilla will fill every corner of your home with warm and alluring fragrance.


• French Pear- French pair is a seasonal classic that captures the essence of brandied sweet French pear with smooth notes of vanilla and a suttle hint of clove. • Purple Orchid- Voluptuous, opulent and mysterious. Downlights NEW release fragrance is an alluring and sensual fragrance with exotic purple orchid and spicy notes. A sensual depth lingers with the timeless base notes of white gardenia and warm amber. A brilliant uni-sex fragrance choice.


• Persian Rose- Persian Rose is feminine, exotic and alluring with floral accords mixed with the scent of rose, jasmine and raspberry. Hints of vanilla, sandalwood, sweet musk and amber add depth and mystery to this enticing fragrance.


• Bamboo & White Lily An elegant blend of white lily gently wrapped in the oriental notes of fresh cut bamboo. Subtle hints of warm spice and woody musk create an enticing environment.