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Reed Diffusers, Downlights 💓

Reed Diffusers, Downlights 💓

Downlights Reed Diffusers-

Superior scent throw will infuse your room with a symphony of notes from our most popular fragrances. Downlights 100 ml bottle will provide you with up to 4 months of delicate room infusion


*Remember to flip your reeds!

Fragrance Selection-

• Persian Rose- Persian Rose is feminine, exotic and alluring with floral accords mixed with the scent of rose, jasmine and raspberry. Hints of vanilla, sandalwood, sweet musk and amber add depth and mystery to this enticing fragrance.


• White Peony- This elegant fragrance embodies the true essence of a soft white peony coming into bloom, creating a blissfully romantic setting in your home. A favourite with blushing brides and garden lovers.


• Gardenia & Sweet Pea- Traditionally a wedding flower, sweet pea reaches new levels of romanticism with a sophisticated blend of gardenia, bergamot and jasmine. The base notes of winter melon, anise and mimosa linger irresistibly in the background.


• Bamboo & White Lily- An elegant blend of white lily gently wrapped in the oriental notes of fresh cut bamboo. Subtle hints of warm spice and woody musk create an enticing environment.


• White Tea and Ginger- Relax with the warm soothing notes of ginger, nutmeg and musk. Peony and hyacinth add a subtle component to the top notes of lemon, bergamot and lily creating a subtle, captivating fragrance.

• French Pear-

A seasonal classic that captures the essence of brandied sweet French pear with smooth notes of vanilla and a suttle hint of clove.

**$5 from each Diffuser sold goes to Waterloo School.

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