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Soy Melts by Downlights

Soy Melts by Downlights

**Super sale. Old packaging, same great fragrance!!

Each soy melt is hand poured by one of the amazing Downlights crew. They use slow burning soy wax with the highest quality fragranced oils.

Simply light a tea light and place it under our black soy melt burner that holds your soy melt to liquify the perfumed wax and enhance your living space with more than 10 hours of sensory pleasure per melt.

You can easily exchange the melt by popping out the solidified wax and replace it with a new fragrance  to suit your mood.


*Pink grapefruit and cassis-

Has a refreshing and invigorating fragrance with tangy cassis and uplifting notes of pink grapefruit, orange and lemon. You may also smell whispers of white musk, rose and jasmine.

*Sweet pea and Gardenia-

A traditional wedding flower, sweet pea adds romannce with a sophisticated blend of gardenia, bergamot and jasmine. This fragrance has the base notes of winter melon, anise and mimosa add an irresistible linger in the background.

*White peony-

An elegant fragrance that embodies the true essence of a soft white peony coming into bloom. This creates a dreamy romantic vibe in your home. White peony is a favourite with brides and garden lovers.

*French Vanilla-

What else needs to be said about this classic fragrance? It’s the Tonka beans that makes our version unique having slight nutty butter smell so it’s not too sweet. It is soooooo irresistible!

*Tutti Frutti-

Will fill your home with summer memories with a bouquet of lemon, cassis and watermelon. Add a splash of marine notes and a dash of musk, coconut and vanilla to soften the sweetness this fragrance will definitely satisfy the senses.

*Marshmallow puff-

With a fragrance of marshmallow cream, vanilla, amber and sandalwood as well as delicate hints of rose and orange blossom.

**$1 from each purchase goes to Waterloo School.

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    $12.57Sale Price
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