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The Soother.

The Soother.

Giftbox includes.....


•Wheat bag Wheat Bags soothe aches, pains, sore muscles and tension around the neck and can be used hot or cold. They are a great alternative to hot water bottles on cold days and chilly evenings.  Range to choose from.


•Magnesium Oil Body Lotion- Is a rich and hydrating lotion perfect for winter!  A little bit goes a long way with its body butter like consistency. Apply before bedtime after a shower or bath and let it work its magic. Rub into the soles of your feet, on your legs and body. Applying magnesium to the skin is one of the best ways of absorbing this very important mineral in to your system.

Benefits include....

-relief from headaches

-better sleep

-relaxing tense muscles and much more.


•Solid Milk Chocolate Hearts- Two silky, melt in the mouth milk chocolate. 


All beautifully packaged and presented with lots of care.

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