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Winter Wellness

Winter Wellness

This is a great gift box for anyone over the winter period and colder months or just to take care of yourself. Send to someone you love that needs that little get well soon.

Gift box includes......

Wheat bag-

Perfect for those aches and pains. Snuggle up on those extra cold days. Great for warming up your bed or even your little babies bassinet!

*pattern is lucky dip, if you have a special request please leave me a note.

Lemon Honey and Ginger syrup-

Soda Barrel syrups are made right here in the Wellington. Not to sweet with the right balance of ginger and lemon makes this a great drink all year round.

Lemon, honey and ginger is just what you need to ward of any of those winter chills or add to soda for that little afternoon pick me up. You could even mix up a hot toddy for those extra cold winter nights.

Natural, lower sugar, vegan, low waste and most importantly, delicious!!

Magnesium Oil Body Lotion-

Is a rich and hydrating lotion perfect for winter!  A little bit goes a long way with its body butter like consistency. Apply before bedtime after a shower or bath and let it work its magic. Rub into the soles of your feet, on your legs and body. Applying magnesium to the skin is one of the best ways of absorbing this very important mineral in to your system. Benefits include....

-relief from headaches

-better sleep

-relaxing tense muscles and much more.

J. Friend and Co, NZ Artisan Wild Tyme Honey-

Wild Thyme honey is strong, aromatic and pungently herbal. As well as tasting delicious, Wild Thyme honey has one of the highest antioxidant ratings for any honey in the world, (3 to 4 times higher than other honeys) and is also very high in antibacterial activity.


Artisian Manuka Honey-

J. Friend and Co Manuka Honey is dark amber in colour. It is a rich nourishing honey. Delicious eaten straight from the jar to help maintain inner balance and digestive health. A great natural alternative for soothing on a sore throat.

Mini Dried flowers.

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